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Our experience over the years cuts across all facets of our profession with specialist training and experience in Property/Assets Valuation for all purposes of industrial, commercial, residential, plant and machineries, furniture and fittings, motor vehicles, including the preparation of inventories; rating valuation for rating authorities, contesting of rating assessment on behalf of rate payers and assisting the rating authorities in the collection of rate.

General Estate Agency

Seeking property to suit tenant’s requirement, Purchases, Sales and Letting of houses, flats, offices, shops, warehouses and factory premises as well as other investment properties for and on behalf of clients.

Property/Assets Valuation

    Property/Assets Valuation
  • Land and building of industrial use, commercial use, residential use,
  • Plant and machineries,
  • Furniture and fittings,
  • Motor vehicles, including the preparation of inventories;
    For All Purposes, including:
  • Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Sale
  • Compulsory acquisition and Compensation
  • Purchase
  • Investment
  • Probate
  • Going Concern
  • Rental
  • Balance Sheet
  • Rating and Taxation for rating authorities, contesting of rating assessment on behalf of rate payers and assisting the rating authorities in the collection of rate.


Real Estate Marketing

  • A bridge over troubled water Marketing acts as a bridge between an organization and the outside world, its markets and customers. Both sides of the bridge must be firm before it is safe to cross.
  • As real estate marketer, we are a contributor growth, a catalyst to get the right people to the table – Drive sales, educate people on real estate products.
  • Marketing is different in each organization: We strive to clearly define how each client (organization or individual) sees marketing, and as such give tailored marketing functions to each client.
  • Generally marketing real estate products.

Property Development and Investment Consultancy

Undertaking feasibility Studies of property and real estate development projects, both before, during and after execution, involving technical,economic and financial analyses of the projects to ensure sound decision making and effective execution and management.

Assisting in the procurement of funding for development projects by the formation of financing consortia with banks, insurance and trust companies, and also source for reputable real estate investors.

Urban Property Management

Complete management of urban properties and estates, viz: Collection of rents, keeping of records and property registers; attending to Repairs, Maintenance. Our Management functions include the management of private and public estates/properties for various identified objectives,such as profit, efficiency and social goals.

Property Assests Audit

This is the overall appraisal of existing landed property assets portfolio of an organization for optimal utilization of scarce resources, landed resources and integration of recommendation from the exercise into strategic planning for effective and efficient policy formulation. It includes the verification, perfection and updating of titles to landed properties.

Project Management

Project Management for property development and other related projects to ensure smooth and effective coordination and programmed execution of works. The project Manager is the client’s expert representative, responsible for controlling and coordinating the whole development process. This will involve implementing a strategy for successfully communicating decisions to the project team, ensuring their implementation, monitoring progress and reporting back.

Facilities Management

Our Facilities Management services involve supervision, controlling and coordination of the maintenance of facilities used for routine activities within the built environment.

We are agents of change to drive operations efficiencies and excellence and we possess the ability to reengineer, operate and manage client-owned facilities.

The focus of our Facilities Management program is the effective management of a company’s facilities to improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the company. These services can range from the outsourcing of specific facilities maintenance such as Janitorial, grounds maintenance, etc, to the full operational control of your company’s real estate assets commonly thought as Facilities Management.

The program is designed to meet the goals and needs of your company - going as far as you may need while not overstepping the bounds of in-house Management team.

As Facilities Manager, we offer a comprehensive building solution for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Institutional Property Managers, plant managers and property/building owners requiring:

  • Janitorial,
  • Security,
  • Water Services
  • Electrical,
  • Lawn Mowing,
  • Pest Extermination and Control,
  • Construction clean-up,
  • Plumbing,
  • Elevators Servicing,
Routine Maintenance of:
Lifts, Escalators, Power Generating Sets, Swimming Pool, General Cleaning of common parts/premises, HVAC (Heating and Cooling Systems), Clearing of Refuse waste, and, General servicing of utilities

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